5 Don’t If You Want to Start

How to Start Programming?

From Nobody to a Programmer

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Maybe it’s the most awkward but the most seeking question. I was trying to start programming since early 2015 and I could start in 2020. It took a long time to be seated for Programming. There are certain things, that grasped me from learning. I tried multiple ways to overcome my issues but I failed. It took almost six years to finally convince myself to learn to program. Just in six months, I’ve learned C, C++, JavaScript, and Python. Though I’m no expert, I’ve just gathered basic knowledge of these.

Maybe it’s nothing to many people. But I feel that there are lots of people out there who are struggling to learn programming. So, I thought it’s the right thing to write about programming. There is no harm in sharing my own secrets which can be the door opener for someone. So, let’s go through the journey

“From Nobody to a Programmer”

1. Don’t Make A Complete Guideline

My parent always encouraged me to make a routine for myself. I’m making routines from my childhood for almost every task. So when I decided to start to learn Programming, the first mistake I did was “Making a ROUTINE”. Sounds crazy, right? Let me explain. When I made routine, I fixed from where I started and where I will reach. But this was a lengthy process and most of the time, I got tired of making routine and non-feasible routines made me tired before starting anything. I always thought, “I’ll start tomorrow”.

“Yesterday, You said TOMORROW”

So, don’t make guidelines, don’t make routines and most importantly, don’t wait for tomorrow. Even don’t wait for another time of today. Finish reading this blog and start learning straight. It worked for me, it’ll surely for you too.

2. Don’t think of the OUTCOME

It's good to be clever but not always. Once one of my Professors told me, “Mahee, Be a BABY. It’s the key to being wise”. When we act like being clever, our mind opposes to learn new things and gives us a clever vibe that keeps us away from new learning. For a long time, whenever I tried to start programming, a bunch of negative thoughts crossed my mind. Like, “Do I really need it”/ “Will it help me to make money”/ “It will waste my time” and so on. There is no harm in learning a new thing. You never know when it will be needed. So, don’t act like a pro. Be a BABY and don’t overthink in the time of learning a new thing.

3. Don’t Think of Your Background

Do your mother is a Professional or Certified chef? Most of the common answer is NO. My mother is a housewife and she has been cooking for us for 26 years. She doesn’t have any degree in cooking or certification but still, she is a cook/chef. I know programming and cooking both and I can assure you that “Programming is much easier than Cooking”. So, the main point of my words is, you don’t need a CS background or degree to start programming. 70% of coders don’t have a CS degree. It’s not rocket science, it’s just a new level basic learning. Don't let CS degree stop you from where you going. You’re a Non-CS? Welcome to the family.

4. Don’t Afraid of Math/ Logic

There is a myth among the people, which is “You need to be good at Math and logic to learn programming”. It’s a myth and most importantly, one of the best lies around the world which is considered to be true. I don’t know from where this started to spread but the truth is, we all have a certain level of knowledge of Math and Logic which is enough to start. You can search google and you can find 6–7 years old kids are started to code. I don’t think you know less math than them.

Math and Logic are important when you start doing top-level programming or working on something magnificent like Facebook, YouTube, and such things. Unless you’re going to super big, you don’t need to know math.

5. Don’t be Stuck with the Limitation of Device

We use different devices in our daily life. Some of you can have many gadgets and some may not comfortable with many gadgets or don’t have. Don’t let this destroy your spirit. If you’re reading this, you’ve at least a smartphone and you can learn programming using your smartphone. Just search “coding games”, you can find a bunch of apps which can teach you programming through their app. Start with a catchy or top-rated one.

One Last Note

Those “5 don’t” can’t change your life if you don’t apply them in your life. Get rid of laziness and start doing something great today. Those rules can even help you to learn anything new. When you’re done with starting something new, don’t forget to let me know.

Happy Coding

An Engineer by degree, Copywriter by profession & Photographer by passion. Love to Read and Write about my new learnings. Most importantly, A Happy Soul.