How To Answer “Tell Me Something About Yourself”

Take note and make your own version

The first thing that you need to understand is that the interviewer has no interest in your personal life. What you love or hate is not his concern. And also he has no interest in who is your father/mother or where are you from.

An interviewer is interested in his work and it’s “choosing the right fit for the company”. So you better tell him something that can help him to choose you among a bunch of candidates.

To make sure you’re giving your best at this answer, follow those points and make your own version of the intro.

  • Tell them who you actually are. Such as fresh graduate/working in the tech industry for five years.
  • Add what you’ve done that can connect you with this company. As a fresher, you can come up with your internship or extra-curricular activities. You can also add your voluntary work experience but keep that limited.
  • Study about the company and the role they’re offering. You can find about some skills that are must for that job. Tell them you know how much about those skills. Such as, if you’re applying for a Data Analyst post, you can come up with “I know the basics of Excel, VBA, macros, Python and familiar with R Programming, Stata”. The goal is to let them know you’re prepared for the role and well deserved.
  • Do mention if you’ve any online certification.
  • Add some words about your soft skills.
  • Describe your career plan with your applying role and how you’ve grown interested in this company.

The best thing you can do is, write down a paragraph according to those points and check out for any kind of repetition. You can check the repetition using wordcounter. Also, check grammatical errors using Grammarly

Best of luck!

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