A Comprehensive Guide to Naming Your Brand Wisely

4 simple questions you should ask

A K M Intisar Islam
3 min readDec 27, 2020


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Naming a Brand is easy and crucial at the same time. If you select a random name that somehow crossed your mind, selecting a brand name will be easy peasy. But if you think of things such as how the name can impact your business, then it’s a tough job. As a new brand, you need to focus on the name first because it’s a permanent thing that will represent your business for a lifetime. So, let’s crosscheck the facts and select a super cool name for your brand that can generate real impact.

We will ask and answer 5 questions about your brand name and modify the name accordingly. Let’s get started!

1. Is It Personal?

Your brand can be personal or not personal. Personal brands are for celebrities. If you’re one of them, you should name your brand after your name. That’ll boost your brand and you’ll easily get huge customers who are your fan!

But if you're not a celebrity, naming after your own name is misleading and bad for business. Such as everybody wants a CR7 perfume, they don’t care how it smells. But none is ready to buy a perfume after someone’s name whom they don't know.

So, don’t choose your name as your brand name or anyone’s name as your brand name. There are thousands of names you can choose, choose from them. And most importantly, try to connect with the market. Such as the name “Programming Hero”. It is not personal but it can connect well.

2. Is It Readable?

Readability is important because customers are not going to give their effort to memorize your company name. You need to put a simple and readable name in front of them. Also, the name has to be attractive and appealing to be remembered. After all, all you should need is to save your brand name in the customer’s head.

Maybe you already have selected a name. The question you need to ask yourself is, “is it readable?”.

Sometimes it’s really hard to tell if it’s readable or not. In that case, get help from, your friends. Send the name to 20 friends and ask them if they’re having any trouble reading that.

3. Is It Biased?

Sometimes we’re stuck with a brand name that is not enough good. This is kind of a personal biased situation.

In this type of case, people build logical explanations based on emotion. You can’t find a good name with this kind of biasedness.

Whenever you select a name, don’t just rely on yourself. Try to observe the name from different perspectives. That may help you to come out of the biasedness.

4. Is Your Company International or Local?

The name of the company is sometimes sensitive to company types. Suppose, you’re naming a company with a local language name but your company is international. It’ll be difficult for others to pronounce your brand’s name.

The best option is choosing an English name in case of having an international brand. Otherwise, you’ll just confuse your customers.

If your company is local, using a local name can be a game-changer. It’s easier to connect with people in their native language. Don’t miss the opportunity of changing the game.


You may confuse when you see the big brands’ names like Toyota, Mitshubishi, Honda. It’s absolutely right that they did something greater without any naming issue.

Let me clear this. Most of those brands are built 30+ years ago. The time has changed now. You need to focus on different things now. Naming brands after “Family Name” is not cool anymore!



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