App Description: A Hidden Gem Everyone Is Missing

Write a better description to stand out from the crowd

A K M Intisar Islam
3 min readNov 1, 2020


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The most ignored part of an app is “App Description”. I was really astonished when I came to know this.

Then I found something more interesting, “Only 1% of your AppStore visitor read the app description”.

Then I tried to know, why Google Play Apps & Games Team cares about this 1%?

I still don’t know the answer, but I know how a description can turn your app’s fortune.

At first look, it seems totally unnecessary to write-up a 4000 character description on your app. But it’s more important than you think.

Do you know why?

You’ve come to the right place, let’s get started!

To Increase The Conversion Rate

As you’re reading this, I hope you know what “Conversion rate” is.

For those who don’t know, “Conversion Rate is the percentage of people who are visiting your app and downloading it”.

Suppose, 100 people visited your app and 13 of them downloaded it. Your conversion rate will be 13%.

App description can increase your conversion rate, wondering HOW?

Google reads your app description and picks keywords from it. So that they can suggest to the right people who are searching for your app but have no idea about the name.

Do the research on your keywords and use them very precisely in your description.

To Make Your App Look Promising & Professional

Writing and reading are evergreens. It’s true that your app description will be read very less but a good description can shine-up your app.

Writing a quality description shows your dedication and efforts for your work. It makes your app look promising and not a fake one.

People rely on apps that look promising. A promising look helps you to gain more trust and the TRUST can make your app stand out from others.

Trust is the word that changes a general company to a Brand. Being a Brand is the biggest achievement a company can earn. Its value is more than anything you could count.

Rank Your App

Your app is being ranked based on downloads, quality of your app, rating of users.

There is a hidden factor, and that is the keyword.

You can easily inject relevant keywords for your app in the description. Google reads the description and acts accordingly. So, don’t just put some words in the description. Find the right keywords and use them to rank your app using the description.

Communicate with Your Special Consumers

Already mentioned that “only 1% of app visitors read the description”.

It may appear less important to us but 1% can make a real difference. Those who read have a higher possibility to download your app. 1% is not a small deal, this can make your conversion rate +1%.

Moreover, most of the tech influencers & enthusiasts read the full description, you can get a free promotion if you can convince them with your words.

Get Connected With Consumer

In the last section of the app description, developers add their contact. In case, any users having any issues with your app or any suggestion about your app, they can contact you from there.

Also, investors can find information there that can impress them to contact you. You never know what opportunity is waiting for you ahead.


App Store Optimization is much more important but underrated. There are many things of ASO you can work on and “App Description is the starter”. I’ve worked on the Programming Hero app, you can have a look at how things are being set up.

The app description is a pearl that most people miss. Your app can be heavily impacted if you just work on the app description.

Huge opportunities are waiting for your response. Start working on your app description ASAP.

Best of luck!



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