7 Secrets Photographers Won’t Tell You

Use These Techniques to Develop Yourself Quickly

  1. Move Unnecessary objects from the frame

A big difference can be made by understanding which object is necessary and which is not. A photographer has a sharp eye of finding unnecessary objects and surely he’ll remove it from the frame. You can use software to remove an object but it’s a lot easier if you remove it on instant scene. Viewers always prefer a clean image over a chaotic image. So, if you want to take a visually soothing image, remove things from your frame.

2. Don’t hesitate to take out your camera/phone to take a photo

Remember, how many times you’ve felt “if I could take the photo?” I’m sure, it’s a longer list than your monthly grocery list. Mine is too. But a photographer never hesitates to take out his camera on any event of the scene. He doesn’t judge, is it the right time or not. When he feels that it could be a good photo, he tries. At that moment, you might be thinking about what you should do, will it be appropriate or not and so many things. The moment will be disappeared. So, don’t waste your time thinking about these. A moment is very hard to find and if a moment comes to you, don’t miss the opportunity.

A moment can’t be made twice, once it’s gone it’s gone. So, what you’re waiting for? Don’t let anything stop you.

3. Don’t forget to take photos of your dearest ones

We take a lot of photos of nature, flowers, roads, events and so on. But often, we forget to capture our dearest ones. Time is very unpredictable and fast, we don’t know when we’ll lose any of our dearest ones. It may sound harsh but the truth is a photograph of your dearest one can be precious at any moment. And also, photographs of family events are valuable when it’s old.

4. Use your friends

Sometimes, we miss good photos just because of the absence of a subject. Most of the time, we’ve someone with us as a company, it can be a friend, relative, partner, or colleague. S/he can help you to capture a good photo. Use your companion as your subject in your frame. Many photographer use this technique to produce a good photograph within a short time.

5. Add Object In Your Frame

It’s important to ensure the objects in your frame. Unnecessary objects have to be removed, we understand that but what about lackings of important elements. When you capture a photo, you can easily feel lacking in the frame, it’s an important feel which can change your photo into a good one.

At first, you need to realize what’s the lackings and what the photo demands. Then you should put extra elements which can be relatable, won’t look staged, and give viewers a deep meaningful impression.

6. Turn a Selfie into an Aesthetic Self-Portrait

Most of the storages of our phone are filled with random selfies. We take selfies every day, everywhere we go. I’m not against taking selfies, it’s surely cool. I see an opportunity here, sometimes you can try selfie in a different way than regular. Change the perspective, change the angle, change the filter, and whatever you like to do. A normal mirror selfie can be an interesting piece of art. There are a bunch of examples on google, waiting for your footstep.

7. Found anything Interesting? CAPTURE IT

Unless you do a remote job, you explore a lot than you think. If you want to be ensured, I will suggest you check your google fit. So, the question is how it’s connected with photography?

Exploring places is the biggest opportunity to capture good photos. You can find a bunch of things in your way, some things may seem interesting to you. It can be a person, a poster, chaos, or any interesting moment. Whenever anything crosses your eye, capture it. There is a high chance of being a good photo.

These are some tips for the newbies who are struggling to capture better photos. 7 tips can be helpful if you decide to try one of them for a single day, after a week you will be done with seven great photos.




Software Development Enthusiast || Mechatronics Engineer || Math Lover || Photographer. Love to WRITE about my new learnings.

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A K M Intisar Islam

A K M Intisar Islam

Software Development Enthusiast || Mechatronics Engineer || Math Lover || Photographer. Love to WRITE about my new learnings.

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