Make Lockdown Productive

These 5 Apps Will Make Your Quarantine Special

Try These Apps And Rock Your Quarantine

In 2020, we spend almost 5 hours a day on our phone on average. Can’t believe your eyes? Just check your using statistics on your phone. Mine is 7 hours a day on average. It’s difficult to keep yourself away from your phone because of the heavy dependence. I tried several times and failed to quit my smartphone. Then I’ve come with a solution, I don’t change the way of using my phone. I searched for some apps which can make a real difference in my life and I’ve found some. I think you’ll find those useful too

  1. Programming Hero

Programming Hero broke the stereotype of learning. With this app, you can funnily learn Python and it’s FREE. It’s a Galaxy based game that you need to play to level up yourself. By leveling up, you will learn the basics of Python. The best thing about this app is, you don’t need any prior knowledge to play this game or learn python. So, it doesn’t matter what’s your age or background, you’ll surely enjoy it. It feels good to do something productive on the phone.

2. Duolingo

Learning a new language is always fun. We all have some desire of learning a foreign language. I don’t know about yours, mine are French and Spanish. Duolingo is a great app that can help you to learn a new verbal LANGUAGE. Knowing an extra language can be fun and also can shine your Resume.


“I’ll have my own WEBSITE”, did this ever cross your mind? I think yes. But domain, hosting, and programming are the basics and it’s a complex process. Weebly is a dedicated app that can solve all of these problems. It offers to make your own website with its app. The process is super easy, give it a little time, you can make your own. If you can read this, you can surely make your own website too. To visit mine, click here

4. Google Arts and Culture

Who doesn’t love ART? If you’re an artist of any kind of Art-lover, this is the app where you’re gonna spend a lot of time. Google Arts and Culture is an app where you can find information about new arts and cultures. But the most attractive feature is, you can visit inside of many famous museums and you can practically see the artworks. They’ve created a 3D view of those which facilitates the art lovers

5. Google Podcasts

If you want to be entertained or productive when you’re doing something else, Google Podcasts is a hidden GEM for you. It offers the biggest collection of podcasts for you, just search and play your favorite show. From standup comedy to Poem recitation, you can find everything here.

Don’t be guilty of using your phone. Turn the disadvantage to an advantage. A smartphone can be the root of your Productiveness.

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